Fall Guys New Minigames – Season 2 Levels, Rewards

Fall Guys New Minigames – Season 2 Levels, Rewards

Fall Guys Season 2 has arrived with Fall Guys New Minigames, levels, rewards, maps, and new features. We have brought this article to discuss the complete information of this new season. The players can have a lot of fun in this new season.

Fall Guys New Minigames
                                                                               Fall Guys New Minigames

Fall Guys New Minigames

All the old levels would continue in this season, and four new minigames will also be introduced to the players. Each level has its own features, the players will love playing this game. Here is the list of Fall Guys New Minigames.

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Knight Fever

Knight Fever is a new obstacle course round. It will test your footwork. It will start with the rotating axe blades that will be challenging. When we would talk about the second section, then you can see the cylinders with the rotating spikes. It can smack your right off the edge. Here, you can also explore some draw bridges.

Wall Guys

It is nothing but the jumping test which compels the players to climb walls that are extremely tall. You will also see some blocks here, you with other Fall Guys can push the blocks to create the climbable set of stairs. The players will face different types of new challenges and have a lot of fun. It is one of the most exciting Fall Guys New Minigames.

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Hoopsie Legends

Hoopsie Legends is the new variant of Hoopsie Daisy. It is a team-based jumping challenge where you have to try to perform best with your team. It will be a circular course. Here, you can also have a lot of fun with the movable blocks. The players can enjoy loading and share points. Hoopsie Legends is also one of the best Fall Guys New Minigames.

Egg Siege

It is the variant of Egg Scramble. Here, the three different teams will compete with each other to take the eggs from the center. You have to try your best to hide the eggs in their end zones. The main problem is that the siege version contains draw bridges to cross. It is very difficult to steal eggs from the other teams.

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Fall Guys Season 2 Levels Rewards

After discussing Fall Guys New Minigames, you might be interested to know the rewards that you will earn in this season. Fall Guys Season 2 will also offer a lot of rewards at a new level. At the new levels, you can win a lot of new things. We have brought the rewards list for you:

  1. Kudos: 1500
  2. Crowns: You can earn 21 different crowns as the level rewards.
  3. Patterns: There are different patterns to explore:
    1. Pantaloons
    2. Knight
    3. Medieval Madness
    4. Floral
    5. Fleur-De-Lis
    6. Cross Check
    7. Court Jester
  4. Emotes: Salute, and Bow are two different emotes available in this game.
  5. Colors:
    1. Romantic
    2. Foolish
    3. Amethyst
    4. Valorous
    5. Bronze
    6. Molten
    7. Heraldic
  6. Nameplate: You can win three different nameplates such as Slime, Famous, and Dragonfire.
  7. Faceplates: Strained, and Menace are the two faceplates.
  8. Costumes: You can win different customers as rewards such as Elder Dwarf, Orc, and Jester.
  9. Nicknames: If you would talk about the nicknames then it is Knight To Remember, and Sir Hugs A Lot.
  10. Celebration: Magician

Features Of Fall Guys Season 2

  • Add a “show selector” that contains a limited-time playlist such as “Gauntlets only”.
  • The players are allowed to select the nickname and banner for their Fall Guy.
  • New Minigames


It was the complete guide on Fall Guys New Minigames Season 2 Levels, Rewards. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the answer to all your questions. If you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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