Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast, Time, Actors Name

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast, Time, Actors Name

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi is a very popular Marathi television serial that is loved by the audience. Here, you will find the complete information of Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast, Time, Actors Name. It is a very interesting Marathi serial that has a lot of twists and turns.

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast
Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast

Serial Information

Serial NameRaja Ranichi Ga Jodi
ChannelColors Marathi
Starts From18th December 2019
Show TimeMon-Sat 7:00 pm

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast

  • Maniraj Pawar as Ranjeet
  • Shivani Sonar as Sanjeevani Bagal
  • Shrikant Yadav as Sanjeevani’s Father (Panjabrao)
  • Kalyani Choudhari as Sanjeevani’s Mother (Kalyani)
  • Sanjay Mohite as Javai
  • Shweta Kharat as Sanjeevani’s Friend (Moni)
  • Apurva Kadam as Sanjeevani’s Sister
  • Rashmi Joshi as Sanjeevani’s Sister (Swarangi)
  • Shubhangi Gokhale as Ranjeet Mother
  • Ajay Purkar as Ranjeet’s Brother
  • Shruti Atre as Vahini Saheb

Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Actors

When we would talk about the Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast then Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi CastManiraj Pawar plays the role of Ranjeet and Shivani Sonar is in his opposite role. She is leading the role of Sanjeevani Bagal. The audience was shown a lot of love for the characters and also love the couple on the TV screen. Shrikant Yadav will act as Panjabrao who is Sanjeevani’s father. He has also an important role in this serial. Apart from this, Rashmi Joshi who acts as Swarangi “Sanjeevani’s sister” has also a strong role. The audience loves Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Cast and its story.

About This Serial

This serial is the story of Ranjeet Dhale Patil who is an IPS officer. Sanjeevani Bandal is a beautiful young girl who is happy in her life. The young girl lives with her parents and sisters. One of her sister is married but she lives with them along with her husband. The girl believes that the little manipulation is okay if it does not hurt anyone.

Sanjeevani’s father has a lot of loan debut on her head. He took that loan from Aaba Patil for the foreign education of her elder daughter “Swarangi”. Aaba Patil and Sanjeevani father’s made an agreement that when Swarangi will come back to India they will marry her with Ranjeet who is an IPS officer.

Once Ranjeet caught Sanjjevani breaking the traffic rule. At that time, Sanjjevani tells a lie that her brother is in the hospital. At that time, Ranjeet was going to meet her elder sister Swarangi. This serial has a lot of turns and twists. The turning point of this serial makes it more interesting.

Sanjeevani and Ranjeet had to marry due to some reason. Here, the audience can see what happens when a responsible IPS officer marries a very young girl. Will, they can lead a normal life together.

Colors Marathi Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi Details

You can enjoy watching this popular Marathi serial on Colors Marathi channel. If you want to watch this serial on your laptop or mobile phone then you can easily download Voot. Here, you can enjoy watching the interesting episodes of this amazing serial.

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