Cartier Surjan (love island) Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Religion, Family, Instagram

Cartier Surjan (love island) Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Religion, Family, Instagram

Cartier Surjan

Cartier Surjan is a participant in love island Australia season 2. She is one of the 15 participants in love island. here is full information about Cartier Surjan Wiki, age, height, Boyfriend, Religion, Family and Instagram Photos.

Cartier Surjan
Cartier Surjan

Cartier Surjan Wiki / Bio

Cartier Surjan is a 19-year-old lady, who works in Sydney as a Receptionist and Life – Guard.

Love Island season 2 is started. It was first premiered on nine network on 7 October 2019. Cartier Surjan is a participant in Love Island Australia Season 2. Every one knows Love Island is a very popular reality show in Australia. So after entry in Love Island Australia, She has become very popular. She is one of the 15 islanders in Love Island Season 2. She entered in Villa on the first day of the season.

The format of the show is very interesting. Participants in love island called as an islander. They live in Villa which is disconnected from the world. TO survive in Villa they have to choose a partner. For the first time as they don’t know much about the participant, they choose a partner randomly. As the game progresses They re-couple with some other partner or remain with the same partner. A person who not able to find a partner, got eliminated. The couple who survive at last get a prize of $50000.

There is some information available about Her. Out of the all-lady Islander, Cartier Surjan is also one of the most beautiful and sexy lady. But Besides her beuty and body ther are more interesting facts about her. She work as Life-Guard and Receptionist. The more detailed information about Cartier is given below.

Family / Mother / Father

There is not much information available about Cartier Surjan Family, father, and Mother. She belongs to the Middle-class family. Her father and Mother are Christian. Her family background is traditionally born again, Christian which has deep traditional values.

Cartier Surjan Boyfriend

We don’t know who is Cartier Surjan’s boyfriend in real life. But on the first day of love island Australia, she coupled with Gerard Majda who is a businessman, runs business Body Majic, where he coaches disabled people to play. After having a good time with Gerard now Cartier is coupled with Adam Farrugia.

Being from a traditional Christian family, her demands about a real-life boyfriend and very simple and genuine. She is 19 year old sexy lady and here is what she thinks about Real life Partner.

Cartier Surjan Said,

“I’m looking for a family man, a real sweetheart, but someone who is also sexy and rugged,” she says, adding that dating in the real world can be a tough gig and Love Island is an exciting chance to fall in love.
“Basically, in an outside setting you don’t know a guy’s intentions. Therefore, I’m not likely to open up to them and give them a chance. More than often, guys just want a one-night stand, but I’m not really open to that.”
Also as belonging from traditional Religious Christian family background, she added that,
“With a partner, I just want him to respect my beliefs, not put any doubt, any pressure,” she explains.
“On the outside it would be nice if he could come to church with me and meet my church friends. I think I will show something different. I will show them me, I’m not going to hide anything.”


She was working as a receptionist and life-guard in Sydney. But Now she got a chance to participate in Love Island Australia Season 2.

Cartier Surjan Age / Height

Born in 2000, Cartier Surjan is 19 years old. She is tall Approx 5 feet 11 inches.

Net Worth

She belongs to the middle-class family and worked as a receptionist. Her Net worth is 0-100K$.

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