Death of the Cleave

was found murdered in her home by a family member Tuesday. According to police Captain James Cooper, Van Cleave died of multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest. She was also strangled with an unknown ligature which according to the coroner suggests great anger on the part of her assailant(s).

The victim’s boyfriend, 38-year-old Patrick Coyle, was taken into custody by police shortly after the body was discovered. Cooper stated that when questioned by police regarding Van Cleave’s murder he had confessed to the crime. When asked for a motive, Cooper replied “He says it was an accident.”

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The couple were staying with Van Cleave’s parents at their home on the 2100 block of Lancaster Street while their new home was being built in Havertown, PA. Van Cleave’s parents were away for the weekend and Coyle has been staying with her for a few months.

Coyle is being held without bail in Delaware County Prison awaiting arraignment on both counts of murder and will appear before Judge Laughlin.

Patrick Coyle was born in Havertown, PA to parents Donal and Mary Coyle. He has one older brother named William who is currently serving time for assault charges in 2008. As a child Patrick showed an aptitude for music playing all brass instruments during his school years at Llanerch High School in Havertown. He currently lives in Collingdale, PA in the same house he grew up with his parents and brother.

Van Cleave was born to Geoffery and Brenda Van Cleave of Haverford, PA. She had two older brothers, Bradley aged 33 who is a physician living in New York City and Brent aged 31 who is a police officer with the Chester County Sheriff’s office.


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