Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price – How to Buy

Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price – How to Buy

Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price: Patanjali has become the first company to launch Anti-COVID tablets. They are also claiming a fast recovery rate with zero mortality. The aim of this medicine is to prevent the deadly Corona Virus from spreading In this article, we will see all details about this tablet. Let’s start our article without wasting time.


patanjali coronil tablet price

Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price

Patanjali is claiming that this tablet will cure COVID-19 patients within 3-4 days. They also claim that no one will die due to this medicine. As being the leading Ayurveda and Herbal company of India, Patanjali has proved again that they are really worthy of this position.

If we talk about the pricing of this medicine, you will have to pay 545 INR for the complete kit. Patanjali is also recommending to use Swasari Kwath, Ashwashila Capsule, Chyawanprash, Honey, Immunocharge, Aleo Vera Juice, Giloy Juice, Shilajit Capsule, 1-1 drop of Shilajit Sat and Haldi (Turmeric) or Patanajli pure Kesar with milk along with this tablet. This will help in fighting against the Corona Virus.

The complete kit includes two tablets and one liquid. Now, we will see its constituents and dose.

Constituents and dose of this tablet

After knowing the Patanjali Coronil tablet Price, we will see the constituents and dose of this tablet. A total of three medicines are included in this Corona Kit. Patanjali Divya Coronil Tablet consists of Giloy, Tulsi, and Ashwagandha.

Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price

If we talk about the dose of this tablet, an adult of age between 15-80 years can take the prescribed amount of dose. The prescribed amount is to take three tablets in a day. You have to take a tablet half an hour before breakfast, launch, and dinner. Always take these tablets with hot water. In the case of children, the half dose is recommended.

When it comes to liquid medicine, you will have to pour 3-5 drops in your nostrils. The name of this liquid medicine is Andu Oil. Now, we will see the buying procedure of this Corona Kit.

How to Buy Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price?

If you want to buy this medicine, you will have to wait for it. According to Patanjali, this kit will be available in the market within 8 to 10 days.

You will be able to purchase this kit from the Patanjali store and the online site of Patanjali. This online kit will vanish from the market and the online store quickly due to its high demand. So, constantly check for its availability in the Patanjali Store and on the Online site of Patanjali.

We hope that you have got all the answers related to Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price and its availability.

If you do not know about Patanjali Ayurveda, let us explain this to you. Patanjali Ayurveda is the leading Company in Ayurveda and Herbal sector. This company is founded by Baba Ramdev, one of the top yoga gurus in the world. A lot of products like herbal medicines and other daily usages items are available from Patanjali at a reasonable price. Patanjali Stores are available in almost every district in India. All the product of Patanjali is herbal and chemical-free. You can also use Patanjali medicines for the treatment of any disease.

Conclusion: Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price

In conclusion, we hope that you have found all the information regarding Patanjali Coronil Tablet Price and its availability. You can expect these medicines to come into the market within eight to ten days. Till then, wait for it. Please note that we are neither the manufacturer nor supplier of this medicine. We are only providing information about it. All the medicine and kit is manufactured by Patanjali Ayurveda.


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