Why 2nd September is Celebrated as Labor day in United State instead of 1st May ?

Today is 2nd September and it is labor day in United States. Happy Labour Day to all of you ! Labour Day is celebrated to show respect for Labors and workers around the world.

International Labor Day is Celebrated on 1st May. But in United States labor day is celebrated on 1st Monday of September. So 2nd September is labor day in 2019 for United States.

Many people wants to know Why 2nd September is Celebrated as Labor day in United State instead of 1st May ?

So the answer to the question is, date for labor day is not fixed in United States. It is on 1 st Monday of September, not fixed on 2nd September. In 2019, 1st Monday of September is on 2nd September, that is why 2nd September 2019 is Labor Day in United State.

Why labor day is not celebrated on 1 st May in United States?

There is reason behind that. 1st May is International worker day and celebrated in all countries.

Around 1887 Labor day promoted by Central labor Union and knights of labor by doing parade at New York City.
Socialist and Communist promoted 1st that is May Day as a International worker Day. Because Haymarket Affair also happened on 4th May. Also US labor department approved 8 hour work day on 1st May.

So now more than 80% countries in world celebrate Labor Day on 1st May.

There is Significance of 1st May in labor right history. But many labor unions were saying that, holiday to celebrate workers day should be attached to weekend. They were
advocating for continued emphasis of the September march-and-picnic date. But many were saying that 1 st May has importance and it should be labor day.

But later on in 1894 September labor day was formally adopted as a United States fedaral holiday. So labor day in United States is on 1st Monday of September which is attached to long weekend in USA.

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