What is National Girlfriend Day and Why it is Trending on Twitter?

What is National Girlfriend Day and Why it is Trending on Twitter?

What is National Girlfriend Day and Why it is Trending on Twitter?

What is National Girlfriend Day: Today on 1st August 2019. New trend is trending on twitter. This hashtag is #NationalGirlfriendDay. Many people don’t know what is national girlfriend day and therefore they are twitting with hashtag as a #NationalGirlfriendDay.

National Girlfriend Day is celebrated on 1st August every year. But many people don’t know what this day is about and why it is celebrated. Many people are guessing that it is day for lovers to celebrate just like valentine day. But there is whole week for days of lovers. Here is why National Girlfriend Day is celebrated.

National Girlfriend Day which is celebrated on 1st August every year in a celebration of friendship. But it is celebration day only for girls across the U.S to celebrate their friendship with girls. That means this day is only for girls.

So, this day is not related to Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relationship in any way.

Why National Girlfriend Day is Celebrated?

We all celebrate friendship day with our best friends, whether its girl or boy. Then many people asking on twitter why there is a need to celebrate National Girlfriend Day.

Many people on twitter said that the friendship between boys remains for a longer time because they meet each other frequently and always have time for the trip and get together. But that is not the case with girls. Girls are also very best friends with each other in college. But after Marriage, girls having many responsibilities like raising kids, work in the home.

By celebrating National Girlfriend Day they get a whole day to meet their best girlfriend. By using this occasion many girls group arrange to get together and spend time with besties. So Because of National Girlfriend Day girls meet their old girlfriend and it helps to keep friendship bond between them.

Why National Girlfriend Day Trending on Twitter?

This hashtag trending on twitter because of the name of the day. Many people are making a meme about National Girlfriend Day. People also asked on Twitter “What is National Girlfriend Day” Here are Few tweets from twitter,





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