Weezer Wuggie

Weezer Wuggie- Weezer Rock Band Uses A Snuggie For New Album Promotion

Better known for their hipster coolness vibes in their songs, the alternative-rock band Weezer is promoting their new album ‘Ratitude.’

Conflicting Identities Muddle 'Weezer (Black Album)' - The Heights

They are now in the news for using a Snuggie, which is a blanket with sleeves, to promote their new album.

For $30, you can get a Weezer Snuggie AKA Wuggie and their new album ‘Ratitude’ for free, which might be the most uncool thing to do. I mean, Yes. We GET it. But THIS! Lamest thing ever.

Yeah, and you also get a deluxe pack where one might be “lucky” and could get a ZEBRA Snuggie with a special limited edition of a CD that contains four extra tracks too!

It’s all really fun, to be honest. But people do buy blankets with sleeves if they are affordable enough. AND they’re getting a free album to listen to. People nowadays pay for premium music too. They might as well pay for awesome blankets with arms than. Point to be noted. Ironic too.

Led by songwriter, singer, and guitarist Rivers Cuomo, Weezer is one of the most exciting bands on the American music scene.

They Might Be Giants, Big Star, The Cars or Sonic Youth for writing crisp pieces of pop-rock, garage-rock, power-pop or punk-pop, with texts about sentimental introspection of sad gradation to poses of vital cynicism or humorous expositions with various playful references, always from the perspective of the misfit and loser, as Rivers is defined, one of the key names of “geek rock.”



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