Swamini Serial Cast | Real Name of Ramabai

Swamini Serial Cast

New serial Swamini is started on colors Marathi. The first episode of the serial was broadcasted on 9th September 2019. Here we have full details of Swamini Serial Cast with the real names.

Swamini Serial Cast
             Swamini Serial Cast

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Swamini Serial is based on a real story. This serial has a historical storyline based on the Peshwa family. This is the story of Ramabai and Madhavrao Peshwe.

Peshwa empire was one of the biggest empires in the 17th century and Madhavrao Peshwe was king. Swamini Serial is the story of Madhavrao Peshwa and Ramabai Peshwa. More than that it is more focused on life of Ramabai Peshwa and talks about women empowerment.

Ramabai and Madhavrao Peshwa married at a very young age due to child marriage. This serial Swamini is based on Novel “Swami” written by Ranjit Desai on the life of Ramabai.

Real Name of Ramabai

The serial has become popular in a very short time. Now everyone wants to know about the real names of actors and actresses in Swamini serial. Most of the Audience is interested to know about Swamini Serial Ramabai Real Name.

Swamini – Star Cast with Real Name

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