Sunetra Sastry Wiki, Age, Father, Husband, Biography, (Mr. Bean Wife)

Sunetra Sastry Wiki, Age, Father, Husband, Biography, (Mr. Bean Wife)

Knowing is better than having just an idea of something. The information you need to know about Sunetra Sastry Wiki, Age, Father, Husband, Biography, (Mr. Bean Wife) is described below. Read and enjoy.

Sunetra Sastry Wiki / Biography

The answer to this question is as follows:

  • Sunetra Sastry was born in England by an English mother while her father is from India. Therefore, she is termed to be an Anglo-Indian. ¬†Sunetra happens to be one of the first longest wives of the famous comedian known as Rowan Atkinson( Mr. Bean).
  • Sunetra Sastry is a famous makeup artist. She chooses this as a career although her parents initially reject the offer for just being a makeup artist throughout her entire life. The parent was against this because she was raised in a high-class English family.
  • She has worked as a makeup artist for many people but often seen to work for many Rowan Atkinsons production which includes the Black Adder, T.V movie smack and also worked for BBC in 1988
  • Sunetra Sastry sometime prefers to stay out of the public figure. This means that she might move away from being seen on TV and go to charity organizations such as The Brain Cancer Foundation of Great Britain, and many others.

Sunetra Sastry Husband / Family / Mr. Bean Ex Wife

Sunetra Sastry was married to Mr. Beans(Rowan Atkinson) for about 24 years. Their marriage hold in February 1990. During the time of their wedding, it was Stephen Fry that acted as the best man of the occasion.

Their love match seems to be perfect then because Sunetra Sastry met Mr Bean on the T.V show where she was assigned to be the makeup artist of Rowans Co-star which was Stephen. These two celebrities were blessed with awesome, handsome and beautiful kids. They had two children together which is Benjamin, the son and Lily Sastry which is the daughter.

Father / Religion – Her Father was from India and therefore her religion was Hindu.

Sunetra Sastry Age

She is born is 1957, so her age as of 2019 is 62 Years.

Sunetra Sastry Divorced Rowan Atkinson

It wasn’t shown if Sunetra was cheated upon by Rowan Atkinson. But immediately after the divorce, Rowan made the situation worse for Sunetra by making public affairs to date an actress in the country. When this was done, Rowan daughter Lily even described her father as a Dick move.

Their relationship and marriage ended when it was officially announced on Feb 2014 after 24 years of courtship. People later blame Mr. Bean but we can just emphasize more on the cause that we don’t really understand.

Sunetra Sastry Career / Net Worth

She has a passion for make up that’s why she didn’t bother going to school to study other courses. She went for Beaty and makeup only in the Beauty College, London. Unlike other people where parents do choose discipline or course to study, Sunetra case was different.

She ignored all things being said to her and decided to follow what she loves which is Beaty and makeup artist. Then, the outcome was that her parents later support her dream.

The above is the information of Sunetra Sastry Wiki, Age, Father, Husband, Biography, (Mr. Bean Wife).

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