Sims 4 Update Notes – Version 1.32

Sims 4 Update Notes – Version 1.32

Sims 4 Update Notes have been released, and the players are very excited to know the changes and fixes made in this game through the latest update. In this article, we will cover the patch notes of the Sim 4 Update Version 1.32. It will help you to know about all the changes and play the game without any hassle.

Sims 4 Update Notes

Sims 4 Update Notes: Version 1.32

You can easily download The Sims 4 Update 1.32. The size of this update depends on the platforms. The update was released on 6th October 2020. Electronic Arts and Maxis have released this update. A lot of issues were fixed in this update. Let’s discuss some fixes done with this update.

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Island Living

This update has fixed the issues in which all the non-decorative rocks got disappeared after traveling from various lots.

Eco Lifestyle

There was an issue that reset the pieces as well as bits when the Sims shift to other households. Apart from this, the Community Voting Board is not available in the DEBUG item. Now, it also has not any defective thumbnail. Civil Designer Sims can also complete the work from the home assignment.

Discover University

With Sims 4 Update Notes, the issue has been fixed in ICYA Chest, which looks looked after the Sims move from one household to another.

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Outdoor Retreat

The update has also fixed the routing issue that stopped Sims from igniting the consumed Sims seated by the Campfire. It gives a completely different meaning to “Warming up by the fire”.

Fitness Stuff

Now, you can also see the Focus and Metal station as the option of Earbuds. If you have not claimed your free earbuds yet then get ready for it.

Additional Fixes in Sim 4

Let’s discuss some of the additional fixes that have been made in the Sims 4 Update Notes. Explore all about it:

  • This update has fixed the issue in which the external garbage cans were continuously getting filled up while Eco Lifestyle was not enabled.
  • You can pay your bills. You can pay all types of new bills as well as track them.
  • Now, the Sims would not use the dining tablet for eating food. Not every time you need to sit down to have a meal, if you are in a hurry, you can just grab a meal. In some cases, you might also sit down to take your meal.
  • Earlier in Build Mode, a message “Not Expanded to Ops” used to appear, now this issue has been fixed.
  • Could have a great conversation with the Sims that ignored their work with the Toddlers.

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About The Sims 4

After discussing Sims 4 Update Notes, let’s discuss the brief introduction of this game.

The Sims 4 is a very interesting video game that was released on 2nd September 2014. This game is a part of The Sims series. It is available for different platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Microsoft, and Macintosh operating systems. This game is available on various operating system platforms to play. Maxis and The Sims Studio have developed this amazing game. In this game, you can experience the creativity, freedom, escape, and humor to have a lot of fun. Here, you can also create your own Sim. In this game, you have to create as well as control different people.


Now, we would like to conclude Sims 4 Update Notes – Version 1.32 and hope that you have got the complete answer to your queries. If you have any questions regarding the latest update of this game then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to solve all your queries and doubts.

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