Salman Talks Four Actors Stardom Hasn’t Faded Yet

Salman Talks Four Actors Stardom Hasn’t Faded Yet

Salman Talks Four Actors Stardom: Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, popularly known as Salman Khan, is one of the prominent actors of the film industry. Popular among his fans as Sallu and Bhaijaan, he is not only an actor but also a producer, television presenter, and a philanthropist.

Bollywood has given some of the biggest stars in decades and Stardom of those stars has hardly been far away in the last few years. But in recent days as stated that the material is king. If you give good content then you are a king. As it was said that the stars are bankable good days have come.

Bollywood superstars to have seen their films fail badly at the box office. However, now it is believed that the silver screen does not matter if the storyline is bad then it is bad. Star cast now does not matter to the audience.

In a recent program, Salman Khan was questioned, how can there be no such thing as stardom after the content rule?

The superstar replied, “It will always go away. It is a great job to keep it running for so long. In fact, I feel that Shah Rukh, myself, Amir, Akki, we are alone, who pulled it for so long Have not been found. ‘

Salman Khan further said, “Apart from this, most of us can accept it, because how it has become now, and just let it be, it is good for all because it should be like this.”

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