Royal Rumble Fall Guys: 4 Tricks to Win

Royal Rumble Fall Guys: 4 Tricks to Win

Many Fall Guys players are very excited to know about the Royal Rumble Fall Guys. So, we have brought this article to explain the complete information regarding Royal Rumble. In this article, we will discuss different tricks and tips to win more Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble Fall Guys
                                                                                               Royal Rumble Fall Guys

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What is the Royal Rumble in Fall Guys?

Before proceeding ahead, first of all, you should know about Royal Rumble Fall Guys and its basic introduction.

Royale Rumble is a very popular mode of Fall Guys game. But, this mode is causing a lot of problems with different players. Fall Guys has also changed the battle royale view for all the gamers. This game also releases some qualifying mini-games. In these mini-games, the players just try to remove each other. The players also try to pass the challenges, that help them to get succeed in the levels. At the last moment, the player who wins is rewarded with a precious crown.

You can enjoy playing Fall Guys on Playstation 4 and PC. This game offers a very simple, and intuitive gameplay. Royal Rumble is the name of a mischievous stage in the Fall Guys game. In this mode, the players get nightmares.

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Tricks for Royal Rumble Fall Guys

After discussing the basic information about Royal Rumble mode let’s discuss some tricks that will help you in the Royal Rubles Fall Guys. Here is a list of three different tricks.

Trick 1: Chase the Tail

You have to put all your efforts to chase the tail. The player can wait for the perfect opportunity to win this tail in the game. Here, you have to try that your enemy cannot grab the tail.

The Tail: This stage is similar to the Team Tail Tag. One thing is different in this, here only one player will have a tail. You can find the players, as well as grab the tail. You have to try to hold the tail until the winning time comes.

Trick 2: Running in Zig-Zag

When the players run through the obstacles, they can run in the zig-zag. Otherwise, your enemies will confirm to run on that pattern. So, you have to follow this trick, it would be helpful to you in Royal Rumble Fall Guys.

Trick 3: Consider Standing Still

Some spots on the map give safety to you that includes the central hammer spot. The gamers often try to spot saving their tails. Other sites are available on the outskirts of the map. Here, the enemy will not find the player. Running is a great option in this mode that will help to keep holding the tail. When you will have a tail, you can easily take the advantage of the stage gimmick fully to run off the other players. You can also avoid staying in one place.

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Trick 4: Cooperate with other Players

The last trick is that you should try to cooperate with the other players in this game. When the one player is running with the tail then you have to try your best to chase that player with a lot of players. You can also surround the enemy, and grab the tail. This trick would be helpful to you in Royal Rumble Fall Guys.


It was the complete guide on Royal Rumble Fall Guys. Now, we would like to conclude this article and hope that you have got the complete information regarding this game. If you have any queries regarding Royal Rumble then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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