Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96: Patch Notes Available

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96: Patch Notes Available

After the Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96, the players of this game are very excited to know the new features added in this game and the changes made in this game. In this article, we will discuss the complete bugs that have been fixed or changes made in this amazing game.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96
                                                                                 Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96

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Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96

The developers will release the update after sometimes this week for PS4 players, and PC. If you are Xbox One Players, then you have to wait for more for this latest update. There is not any specific date for the release of this update. We will keep on updating everything regarding this update.

Gameplay Updates

Here are some updates that have been made in the latest Gameplay Updates. If you want to explore the gameplay updates then you can read this section:

  • The developers have made the changes in the defuser interaction, which will allow the players to pick up the diffuser.
  • The developers of this game have also changed in the chat filter feedback system.
  • With Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96, the developers have decided to deactivate the ban ticker for the custom games. The players would be able to view it in the different game modes.

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Ballistic Shields

  • The developers have reduced the shield explosion protection to 66%. Earlier it was 80% but now the developers have reduced it.
  • Now, there would be the guard break animation in place of folding Montagne’s Extendable shield.
  • Guard break effect will occur when the operator with the ballistic shield would be hit by the explosion. It will also take different types of damage.
  • Melee damage, sonic bursts, concussion FX,  as well as the explosions of 100 damage would trigger the maximum power guard break animation.

TCSG12 + ACS12

  • With Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96, the damage at max range would be increased to 68% from 48%.
  • Now the Damage drop-off would be increasing more till it reaches to minimal damage at 50m.
  • The Suppressor damage penalization would be normalized to the 12.5% of range.

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Bugs Fixed

Several Bugs have been fixed in this game to make it more smooth. After exploring gameplay updates, and other updates, let’s explain the bugs that have been fixed. Now, the players can play this game without any hassle and bugs. We have listed the complete bugs that have been fixed by the developers.

  • The opponents breed on top of one another often while on the Chalet in the 2nd Floor Master Bedroom. This bug has been fixed.
  • The player could not lock over the railing in the 2F Library Stairs on Chalet. The developers have also fixed this bug.
  • Earlier there was poor lighting inside the cabinet between sofas in the 1F Bar of Chalet. But now, it is fine.
  • There was barbed wire spawns issues in situation 10. Now with Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96, the developers of this game have also fixed this issue.
  • The players can use the deployable shield that will help to get the counter next to the piano that will be on Chalet.
  • Earlier there were minor map asset issues, now the developers have fixed it.

We have explained the patch notes of this update that is available. If you want to explore more about it then you can visit here: Ubisoft


It was the complete guide on Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96. Now in the conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries and doubts.

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