We have brought this article to help you to explore Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day. This time Charmander is back with the community day. Charmander is a sweet, small, and dianasoure like Pokemo that has orange and yellow color. This Pokemon is widely used, you can also say that it is the one of the most used Pokemon. Every Pokemon Go players are very excited to know more about it. In this article, we will discuss the complete information regarding this community day.

Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day

                                                                 Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day

Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day

The time duration of this event Pokemon Go Charmander Community Day was 17th October from 11 pm to 5 pm. With the community day event, Charmander spawns in the quantity for six hours. This event is all about Charamnder Pokemon which is also known as Tourch Pokemon. It was about Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day.

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How to Get a Shiny Charmander?

In this section, we will discuss to get a shiny Charmander. If you want to get a Shiny Charmander then you can follow the given steps. It will help you to get the shiny charmander easily.

Charmander is going to appear, just tap and Charmander you encounter till you get the Shiny one. You will also find another sooner or after some time. The Shiny rate on the community days is increased around one in 24 rates. In this event, Charmander learned Drargon Breath. Dragon Breath helps the Charmander in the Mega Evolved forms. It learned Dragon Breath during Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day.

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All You Need to Know About Charmander

After discussing all about Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day and how to get a Shiny Charmander, let’s discuss all about Charmander Pokemon. Here, we have explained the brief introcution of this Pokemon.

Charmander is a very popular Pokemon species. For the first time, Charmander appeared in the video games “Pokemon Red and Blue”, and further seen in its remake. This Pokemon was designed by Atsuko Nishida. Charmander is voiced in English. The height of the Charmander is 61 cm. The weight of Charmander is 8.5 cm.

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It evolves into a Chameleon. This character evolves into Chameleon at level 16. Again at level 36, this character evolves into Charizard. The ability of this Pokemon is a blaze. His weakness is water, ground, as well as rock. When we would talk about its type then it is fire. Dragon and Monster eggs are required to breed this Pokemom. The gender ratio for breeding is 87.5% male, as well as 12.5% female. The egg cycles for breeding of Charmander is 20.

Charmander is very well-mannered Pokemon. You can read the feelings, and emotions of this Pokemon with the help of flame on the tip of his tail. Sometime, this Pokemon becomes angry. At that time when the Charmander got angry, the flame will flicker. When this Pokemon will feel sad, or got sick then the flame will become slow. In most of the cases, you can find the Pokemon in the wild scene. Sometimes, this Pokemon gathered at the hot places such as volcano. This pokemon is sweet but sometimes it is feisty nonetheless.

We have explained all about this amazing Pokemon and the event. If you have any personal opininon regarding this then you can feel free to share with us in the comment section.


It was the complete guide on Pokmon Go Charmander Community Day. We have explained the complete information regarding this event and hope you have got the complete information regarding this app. If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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