How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword & Shield? Easy Guide 2020

How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword & Shield? Easy Guide 2020

A lot of gamers want to know How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword and Shield. With the release of the new The Crown Tundra DLC, the players of Pokemon Sword & Shield have got a lot of opportunities and things to explore in the game.

Here, you will learn How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword and Shield and other information about Registeel. Just follow all the steps carefully to get it in the game. Let’s explore the complete guide about it without any delay.

how to get registeel pokemon sword

How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword?

Registeel was introduced originally in Gen 3 in the Pokemon game series. It is an iconic giant of steel and can be captured in O=Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. One has to solve a complex Braille puzzle in order to get it. But, this time, the process is different. In order to know how to get Registeel Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will have to follow the given guide.

Before getting the Registeel in the game, you will have to finish the initial story beats of The Crown Tundra DLC. Once you will complete the Freezington, you will bump into Sonia. She will prompt about your search for Cobalion. For getting the Registeel, you will have to go straight in the game. Walk till you cross the Snow and reach the grass. You will find a ruin in the game.

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When you will try to enter the Giant’s Bed, you will see a prompt “Let ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel.”. Here, you will have to whistle. In order to whistle in this game, you have to press the left analog stick in. After that, the door of Registeel’s temple will swing open.

Once the door will open, you have to go inside. Do not forget to pick up the Flash Cannon TR to the left of the entrance by stepping on all of the circles to light. You will see a massive statue inside the temple. Go in front of that statue and just interact with it. Doing this will start the battle against Registeel.

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Registeel is actually a steel-type, due to this, it is weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting moves. So, use these moves to make it weak. But, do not knock it out. If you will knock it out, it will be gone forever. So, make sure that you throw Ultra Balls when its HP is in the red zone. You will have to throw Ultra Balls until you catch Registeel. Do not miss in throwing Ultra Balls at Registeel. Doing this will help you in getting Registeel in Pokemon Sword and Shield game easily.

This process of getting registeel is easier than the pervious method. In Gen 3, you had to solve complex puzzles, but in The Crown tundra, you will be able to easily get it in the game using this guide. So, follow this guide on How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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This was the complete information about Registeel in the game. Do not forget to share your opinion about this step by step guide in the comment section below. We would love to hear your opinion about Registeel below.

Conclusion: How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information on How to get Registeel Pokemon Sword and Shield. So, start this game and get Registeel now. If you have any queries or doubts related to this, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and doubts.

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