If you were searching for the answer to the question How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO, you are at the correct place. Nanab Berries are one of the berries that you can get in this game. All the players of this game want to know to get this berry in the game.

Here, you will know How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO easily in your game. All the answers related to this berry is also available in this article. Let’s explore them without any delay.

how to get nanab berries pokemon go


About Nanab Berry

There are different types of berries in the Pokemon GO game that you can get. The use and look of every berry are different. One of these berries is Nanab Berry. It looks like a bunch of bananas. But, its color is different. It is yellow at the top and pink at the bottom. More than half of its part is covered with pink color.

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Use of this berry

You can use Nanab berries in the game to slow the movement of a Pokmon during the encounter. It will be slowed up to 95%. You will have to just feed the Nanab Berries to the Pokemon to calm it down. Feeding this berry will make the Pokemon less erratic.

This berry can be useful for you if you want to hover Pokémon that move around. There are different movement patterns that you will have to notice.

Requirements to get Nanab Berries

For getting Nanab Berries, you do not require any special requirements. If you are at Trainer level 1 or higher, then you can easily obtain it in the game. The process of How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO is given below. Just follow it to get Nanab berries in the game.

How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO?

In order to get Nanab Berries in the Pokemon GO game, you will have to spin the Photo Disc at Pokestops and Gyms. It is just like getting Razz and Pinap berries in the game. These berries are also obtained by spinning the Photo Disc at Pokestops and Gyms and this is also the same requirement for Nanab Berries.

how to get nanab berries pokemon go

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Reason for its unique name

Nanab is actually a unique name. Do you know how it got this name? When you will remove the last “A” from BANANA and spell it from its backside, it will be NANAB. The name of this berry is based on the real-world fruit Banana. Now, you know why it looks like a banana.

Other information about this berry

Nanab Berries increases the cuteness of the Pokemon in the original handheld series. Originally, it slowed the Pokemon by 70%. But in Pokemon GO, it slowed the Pokemon by 95%.

Now, you know How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO easily in the game along with all other information about this berry. So, you can get it in the game and use it for the given purpose. We know that this berry is one of the least usage berries. Still, it can be useful for you in the game. You can catch a fast moving Pokemon in the game easily by slowing it.

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Conclusion: How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details on How to get Nanab Berries Pokemon GO. So, follow our guide and easily get it in the game. If you have any queries or questions related to this berry, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your doubts and queries.

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