In this article, we will discuss how to get crowns in Fall Guys. Fall Guys is a very popular game and all the players of this game always want to know different ways to get crows, and they always try to earn more and more crowns. Here, we will discuss all about it.

How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys

                                                                                      How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys

Crowns in Fall Guys

Crowns are the additional currency or money in Fall Guys game. You cannot acquire crowns by microtransactions. With the help of crowns, you can do a lot of in-app purchases in the game. If you have a good number of crowns then you can purchase a lot of things from the game shop. So, every Fall guys players want to earn more and more crowns.

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Can you Buy Crowns in Fall Guys?

There are different ways to earn crowns in this game but if you want to buy it with real money then it is not possible. You cannot purchase crowns with real money in this game. You have to put your effort into the game to earn crowns. Now, you might be thinking if we cannot buy crowns with real money then how to get crowns In Fall Guys. We will help you to earn crowns in this game.

How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys?

There are two different methods that you can follow to earn crowns in the Fall Guys game. Follow the given methods and ear a lot of crowns:

Method 1: Battle Pass

If you want to earn crowns in the battle pass then you have to level-up the in-game battle pass. If you will do that then you can earn one crown during these levels 5, 20, and 32. Through the battle pass, you can earn only three crowns per season. This is the drawback of this method. The legendary cosmetics will cost only five crowns. That will make it rarer in Fall Guys game.

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Method 2: Winning Matches

After discussing How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys, and method 1 to get crowns, let’s explain the second method. It is the second method by which you can earn crowns in the Fall Guys game. You can get crowns in this game by winning the matches. You can earn one crown per victory in Fall Guys game.

It does not include the qualifier mini-games. You have to complete this and try your best to win the last round in this game. It is a task to get as it sounds. You might face a lot of challenges during your qualifiers. You may lose the game in the final stage. It is challenging but you can try your best to get crowns.

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Crown Spending

We have explained how to get crowns in Fall Guys, now you can learn where to spend crowns. You can spend crown and Kudos at the same place in Fall guys game. You can spend the crown in the game store. At the game store, you can explore a lot of items that you can purchase using crowns in this game. The store keeps on updating so if you do not see any latest items in the store then you can wait and purchase it later.


It was the complete guide on How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys. We have explained different methods to earn crowns in this game. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this game. If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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