Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai – Best Guide

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai – Best Guide

We have brought this article to explain Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds. If you are a Ghost of Tsushima Legends player and you like Samurai then you must read this article. In this article, we will discuss the complete information regarding the Ghost of Tsushima Legends, builds for Samurai.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds
                                                                       Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds

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Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds

When we will compare Ghost of Tsushima Legends to the main campaign, there there are a lot of differences between them. This mode is not just about a single character’s base, it is based on co-op focused mode. It trenches the players against the deadly spirits, who are multiple times powerful than the normal enemies.

Each player has to use one of the four classes. It means they have to work as a team in this mode. They have to try their best to earn gear that will help to power them. Samurai is the most powerful class in this game. It is the first choice of all the players.

How To Build Samurai for Power?

In this guide, we will help you to know how to build Samurai for maximum power. Here, we will help you to know about Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai. If you love to play Ghost of Tsushima Legends then you must follow the given guidance because Samurai is the choice of all the players.

Class Skill

Every class in this game has two different skills that you can pick from. The players have to unblock the rank 10. The Rank 10 skills for Samurai boosts brawl attack, as well as make an attack detonate to attack the enemies. Instead of this, the players also use the Spirit Pull.


The players should also opt for that damage boost charge that does not give the enemies a chance to be the threat. It is very important for Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai.

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Each class has three different perk slots, and while breaking down the Samurai class, it is very important to know what should be your best pick. In this, the most important slot is Perk 3, which can easily hold the most important perk that is Heavenly Strike. It will be unlocked at Rank 5. It can also allow the players to perform the swift, as well as unblockable strike. The two other slots can also be used that can reduce cooldowns. It is a great choice.


An important tip for the Samurai player is to be attentive but do not do any damage. It often means the solid defense, it is a great way that will ensure very little damage. It can be done with the good Stone Stance weapon. It gives access to Piercing Strikes. It is also very helpful for Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai. Piercing Strikes are very fast.

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Ghost Weapons

The most important aspect of the ghost weapon is not a ghost weapon but a special perk that is called Sudden Resolve. You can use the Ghost Weapon with the perk fastly that will help to restore one resolve. Thrown Dirt is an important ghost weapon that will increase damage. Sticky Bombs are the second ghost weapon.


It was the complete guide on Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Builds for Samurai. Now, we would like to conclude this article and hope you have got the answer to your question. We have explained the complete information about this topic.  If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask us in the comment section. We hope this article would be helpful to you.

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