Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing – House, Appearance: Best Guide

Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing – House, Appearance: Best Guide

We have brought this article to discuss Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing. If you are an animal crossing fan then you must be excited to know about Clyde The Horse that loves to sleep. In this article, we will discuss the complete information regarding Clyde.

Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing
                                                                                    Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing

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Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing

Clyde is a lazy horse villager in the Animal Crossing game. His name is derived from Clydesdale which means a horse breed. He is male and he is very lazy. He comes under the horse species. Clyde celebrates his birthday on the 1st of May. His initial cloth is Bubble Gum Tee. His style is flashy. When we would talk about his home request then it is a fresh and fruity room. He loves sleeping.

His goal is to be a superhero. His favorite coffee is blended with a lot of milk, and three spoonfuls of sugar. When we will talk about his favorite song then it is Neapolitan. He has 8 siblings and he is the eldest. He fears with Skeleton Hood. Clyde is colorful and sometimes he loves to play. His star sign is Taurus.

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Appearance of Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing

Clyde is a light yellow horse that has a dark brown tail and chest. When we would talk about his hair then it is in dark brown color. His hair is also curly to one side. The inner color of his ear is pink. You will also like the polka dots on his shirt. The coloration of Clyde will be similar to AI that is a gorilla. The color of the gorilla is yellow, green, and dark green color. His eyes look like a button.

Clyde’s House

The theme of his house is fruity. Clyde’s bed is like a pineapple bed. You can see an apple clock in his house. There is a pear dresser, as well as an orange chair. You can also see a lot of red stereo in his house. You can see the fruity wallpaper, and flooring in the house. His house just looks like the Tangy’s. You can see different types of items in his house such as cushion, candy machine, pear bed, wooden law table, pear wardrobe, orange end table, DIY workbench, system kitchen, cherry speakers, refrigerator, and much more. His wall is orange in color.

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Personality of Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing

He is a lazy village so he solves indulge in delicious food and sleeping. Clyde can get along very nicely with other villagers. But he can annoy with the jock villagers who have a culture of workout and health that clashes with the cushy life of relaxation and food. He prefers the company of the lazy villagers just like him with whom, he can talk about food, superheroes, or comics.

He likes to be around these types of villagers with whom he can share this stuff. He loves food so much that he often brings food in his daily conversation. Clyde is very welcoming.  Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing will express some of his fantasies, like a superhero as well as a comic book artist. Clyde is not very smart but he is adorable.


It was the complete guide on Clyde The Horse Animal Crossing. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information related to Clyde. If you want to ask any question regarding this horse, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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