Gaelyn Mendonca

Gaelyn Mendonca, known as VJ Gaelyn, is a beautiful actress a model who started her career in the Bollywood industry in 2013. She began her career as an anchor in “Cool Quotient.”

She was born on 5th November 1988 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in India. Gaelyn’s hometown is Orlem, Malad in Mumbai.

Gaelyn Mendonca got famous after winning the “Idea MTV VJ Hunt” in 2010 and VJ Sunanda. She was admired as ‘Witty Gaelyn Mendonca.’

Actress Gaylin Mendonsa was the host of Roadies. She recently married her boyfriend, Sheehan Furtado. Both were dating each other for a long time. Some Bollywood celebs also attended their wedding. Gaylin has also shared some photos of the wedding on her Instagram.

Gaelyn was schooled at Carmel of Saint Joseph School, which is in her hometown in Mumbai. She attended Saint Xavier’s College in Mumbai to complete her graduation. She started her modeling carrier from her college days.

Gayleen Mendonsa and Sheehan Furtado married in Christian customs. Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia specially attended the wedding. On this occasion, she was also seen kissing Gaylin. Let us tell you that Gaylin wore a floral print lehenga in her sangeet ceremony, in which she looked gorgeous. The wedding was attended by family members and friends of Gayleen and Sheehan.

In 2011, she hosted the “Cricket World Cup” along with many shows like

  • Ultimate DJ Championship
  • House of Style
  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • One Short Plot
  • Pepsi MTV Wassup
  • Tic Tac MTV College Beat
  • Axe MTV Grind
  • MTV Roadies Xtreme
  • The hustle and many more.

In 2013 she starred in the movie “Nautanki Saala,” in which she played the role of Chitra.

Bollywood vs. Reality was a short film she did in 2014, swarmed with mixed reviews.

Later, in 2019 she hosted WWE but “Desi Version.”

Now with a YT channel, she has about a million subscribers till Sept 2021.

Gaelyn is a Christian. Gaelyn has one brother named Ryan Mendonca.…

Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle Hot Instagram Pics, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth 2020

Piper Rockelle is a young Youtube star or Youtube phenomenon who has amassed fans of over 3.8 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She is a singer, model, fun to be with and also a dancer. Check on her wiki, age, career, and others for information.

Piper Rockelle Wiki / Biography

Piper Rockelle is a young star that was born on the 21st of August 2007. Her place of birth was Georgia in the United States of America. She was majorly raised by her mother whose name is Given Tiffany with two siblings named Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill A.K.A H2balla.

Piper Rockelle’s information was not revealed so also a little information is known about her family background. Piper has not completed her education as she is still going to a local high school situated in Georgia.

Alongside her mother and Piper, these two both run a cat rescus which has taken more than 100 cats.

She is in a relationship with Gavin Magnus who is also a social media star.

Age / Height / Weight

Age: 23 years as of 2020

Height (approx): 4 feet 8 inch

Weight (approx): 40 kg


Piper started her career by competing in various Beauty Pageants and later on joined the trend by becoming a social media star after the popularity of various modeling shows.

Piper Rockeller is majorly known for rocking the TikTok application and Youtube channels with videos, make up tutorials, dance videos, family videos, messy challenge, e.t.c and this led her to have millions of fans on both channels.

Subsequently, she organized her own Youtube show called Mani. In this Mani Show, she plays the role of sky and this got her over millions of subscribers as of 2019.

Some of her singles includes Paparazzi, it’s charisma and lot that has gained more than 1.5 million views on her social media. Earlier this year,  she appeared in a music video with Gavin Magnius on the song titled Crushin and this also gained over five views as of May 2019.

Piper Rockeller is often seen posting videos along with her fellow social media stars like Danielle Cohn, Logan Paul, Gavin Magnius, Sophie Fergii, e.t.c.

Net Worth

Piper estimated net worth as of 2019 is said to be $300K.

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Savannah Soutas

Savannah Soutas – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth 2020

Savannah Soutas is an American Youtube star and a Fashion blogger. She is the daughter of Deborah Soutas. Here endless review of her wiki, personality, career, family, and net worth is below. Read and enjoy it.

Savannah Soutas Wiki / Biography

Savannah Rose Soutas is a fashion blogger by profession, a photographer as well as a social media star who was born in Orange County, California, United States of America. Savannah Soutas has a bunch of talents and she started to develop her dancing skills at the age of 2.

Aside from dancing, she is also known to be an outstanding blogger and a photographer. Savannah soutas was born on the 2nd of March 1993 to a Christian family. Her mother’s name is Deborah Soutas but his father’s name is not available.

Although, she has an elder sister whose name is Chantelle Paige. Chantelle Paige is a renowned pop singer, songwriter and vocalist who is part of the band named Flip Syde.

Her educational background is not available but research made it known that she got pregnant at the age of 18 and this led her to drop out of the school.

She is happily married to Cole LaBrant who is also a social media star and they have a daughter named Posie Rayne.

Age / Height / Weight

Age: 27 years as of 2020

Height (approx): 5 feet 3 inch

Weight (approx): 56 kg


Savannah Soutas started having a passion to dance as at the age of two. Her mother and sister were the source of inspiration for her becoming a successful person because she was born to the entertainment industry.

Over the years, her social media accounts became the tool for gaining more fans. Savannah Soutas run an Instagram account with Michelle Foley titled ForEverAndAva.

This Instagram account features their daughters who are Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley, although Everleigh is from a previous relationship.

Savannah also uses the TikTok app formerly known as to become popular by sharing short videos of trending fashion and other related content to the account. She was recognized on TikTok in 2016 when she got over 7million followers.

This achievement made her the number one muser of the year. She now runs a youtube channel named The LaBrant Fam that has millions of subscribers

Savannah Soutas Net Worth

Her estimated net worth of 2019 is said to be $11M(Approx.). This net worth is the combination of Sotas and her husband Cole LaBrant.

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James charles

James Charles – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth 2020

James Charles is an American Internet personality who became famous for his Instagram account named @JamesCharles. He is also a makeup artist and more than 15million followers on his Instagram account. Find out more by checking his wiki, age, career, and many more.

James Charles Wiki / Biography

James Charles was born on the 23rd of May 1999 in New York. He is a makeup artist as well as an American Internet personality who became popular for being the First Male Spokesperson For Cover Girl.

James Charles graduated from high school in June 2017 from the prestigious Bethlehem Central High School. His original name is James Charles Dickinson. James has a younger brother who is also famous on social media with his name Ian Jeffrey.

To keen further, James has a basement but was later turned to a makeup studio in order to help James fulfill his career.

He has been rumored to be dating several friends but truly, there’s no adequate information regarding that he is dating anyone now.

Age / Height / Weight

Age: 21 years as of 2020

Height (approx): 5 feet 9 inch

Weight (approx): 136 lbs


James is such a wonderful guy that love to associate himself with ladies. His makeups and hairstyling ideally got his fans confused whether he is a gay or a normal male child. On every occasion, he does love to make new hairstyle before uploading the pictures on social media.

He is fond of posting to his Youtube channels which he has earned more than 16 million subscribers. James did Halloween makeup(Kylie Jenner) in 2018 and has also been associated with Cover Girl that gave him the opportunity to work with Katy Perry.

He has also worked for Maro Marco’s Six 1/2 collection during the fashion week show(Los Angeles), Iggy Azalea’s s(music video), Sally was( music video) and many more.

Net Worth

James estimated net worth as of 2019 is $12M.

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BatDad – Bio, Age, Height, Net worth 2020

BatDad is an American social media guru who is best known for posting videos of himself dressing like a Batman in various comedy Skit. He is a funny man and currently has over 600 subscribers on his Youtube channel. Check more on his wiki, family, career and lot more.

BatDad Wiki / Biography

BatDad whose original name is Blake Wilson was born on the 20th of December 1983 in Georgia. He his happily married to Jen Wilson and was blessed with four children whose names are Ben, Kaya, Sienna, and Taylor.

His mother’s name is Sydney Bartlett Wilson and his father’s name Seed Wilson. He also has a brother named Rob who is also a social media star and a younger sister whose name is Liz Wilson Shaffer.

However, his educational background is not available but we would surely update you here when we get the information from the right source.

BatDad is happily married to Jen Wilson.

Age / Height / Weight

Age: 37 years as of 2020

Height (approx): Unknown

Weight (approx): Unknown


He became popular through Facebook when he do upload parenting-themed vines. He is known for his various comedy series with his family and this has made him earned more fans on Facebook and other social media platforms.

With no doubt, anything that he uploads on Facebook usually has up to 7 million likes with comments as well. He has uploaded different videos one of which is the BATDAD EVERY VINE WE EVER MADE MASSIVE COMPILATION that got many fan’s attention.

In review, this video has millions of views and made him have over 800K subscribers on his YouTube channel. BatDad is associated with Carson Daly as he did an interview with him as part of the Orange room segment of the famous show titled The today show.

Net Worth

His overall estimation of his net worth is $250K(Approx.).

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Abhigya Anand Wiki

Abhigya Anand Wiki, Age, Predictions, Fees, Mother, Biography, Net Worth 2020

Abhigya Anand is an Indian astrologer who hails from Karnataka. He was born in Srirangapatna, Karnataka. He is a very famous young astrologer and is only 14 years old. Check out more about him.


Abhigya Anand Wiki / Biography

Abhigya Anand was born in 2006 to Anand Ramasubramanian and Annu Anand. He has one sister who is younger than him. Her name is Abhidheya Anand. He resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Abhigya Anand has become famous because of his prediction about the coronavirus.

He always spends his time playing with her sister and in learning creative things. Abhigya researched a lot on planets. He has a YouTube channel with over 263K subscribers and he makes YouTube videos on predictions. His zodiac sign is Libra.

He is very famous due to his prediction of the Coronavirus.


He did her schooling in Srirangapatna Taluk from a government school. At this young age itself, he completed post-graduation diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology. He did his PG diploma from Divya Jyothi College of Astrology.

After completing his PG diploma, he started teaching astrology, as well as other subjects to pupils.

Physical Stats

Hair: Bald
Height: 4 Feet 5 Inches
Weight: 45 Kg
Eye Color: Black

Prediction on Corona Virus

In August 2019, Abhigya Anand made a prediction about a virus that can affect the entire world. On 22nd August, he predicted that there will be a fight between humans and the virus from November 2019.

According to him, the fight will reach its peak on March 31, 2020. He said that this virus will start leaving from the world on May 27, 2020. After May 27, humans will start getting back to their normal life.

Abhigya Anand: Awards

He received many awards. Some of them are:


• Shringeri Math gave him Rs. 21000 as a cash price.
• Lion’s Club of Bangalore honored him with Award of Excellence.


• He received Shining star of South India from SFOSI (Sindhi Federation of South India).


• Abhigya Anand received Bhagavad Gita award from International Society for Bhagavad Gita.
• He also received a state award this year.


• Child prodigy award from Rotary.
• Spandana trust honored him with Spandanshree award.
• Vyasa International awarded him the Junk Food crusader award.
• Manjushree honored him with Sloka Preaveena award.
• He received Shining star of South India award from SFOSI (Sindhi Federation of South India).

Abhigya Anand: Facts

• He scored 96% marks in this post-graduation.
• Abhigya created his YouTube Channel when he was 7 years old. The name of his channel is “CONSCIENCE”.
• He gave lectures in more than 75 institutes in six months.
• He knew about flags of 40 different countries when he was just 2.5 years old.

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jamie zhu

Jamie Zhu – Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Biography, Net Worth 2020

Jamie Zhu is a social media star who hailed from Australia. He is the only son of the English Teacher(mother) and a renowned film director(father). He has made himself unique as a social media phenomenon. Jamie Zhu wiki, career, family, net worth, and other information is available here.

Jamie Zhu Wiki / Biography

Jamie Zhu was born in Sydney, Australia to lovely parents, although, they both divorced when Jamie was 5 years old. His parent’s names are Zhu xi who happens to be the father and Eve Zhu who happens to be the mother.

His father is described as strictly one because he hardly wants his/her child to commit any offense and wouldn’t want them to appear in any video. Jamie Zhu was born on the 2nd of September 1993.

His father is Chinese while his mother is a Hungarian and this makes Jamie Zhu describe himself as someone that has the Chinese – Hungarian – Australian nationality.

He attended the Prestigious University of New South Wales and it made known that he studied Sport Science. He is the only child the parents had together before they later divorced.


Jamie Zhu is in a relationship with Instabelle.

Age / Height / Weight

Age: 27 years as of 2020

Height (approx): Unknown

Weight (approx): 75 kg


Jamie Zhu started having a passion to become a footballer ever since he was in school. This happened when his parents sent him to study at a sports college in London.

After a while, he noticed that football wasn’t his calling then he moved down to Australia with his colleagues to start the career as a social media phenomenon.

He began to make prank and comedy-like videos in 2014 and one of the videos that got him more than 7000 views is the Lenny Lurker at the Beach that lasted for 40 seconds.

He is majorly known for his comedy series, pranks, and his Famous Awkward interruption series that went viral. Currently, Jamie Zhu has more than half a million followers on his Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, as well as the TikTok account.

His video accidentally also went viral and most times his dad appears in his video. He has also defined himself as the unique being for collaborating with stars like ChestBrah on the video titled Annoying ChestBrah Fan prank.

Net Worth

As of 2019, his estimated net worth is said to be $500K(Approx.).

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RiceGum (Bryan Le) – Height, Weight, Age, Real Name, Merch, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2019

RiceGum (Bryan Le) –

If you’d love to see a Gucci model, RiceGum is the best man to look at. He is an American rapper, singer as well as a social media star. To know more about Bryan Le, read further on his wiki, age, career, family, and others.

Wiki / Bio

RiceGum (Bryan Le) is a famous YouTube star who was born on the 19th of November 1996. He loves to play games and while growing up, he used to be a game streamer to games like Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty and many others to mention few

Thereafter, he started an online show ‘These Kids must be stopped’ which made his name known as a YouTube star because he has over 10million subscribers and streaming.

RiceGum(Bryan Le) original birth name is Bryan Quang Le and his background is traceable to a Chinese – Vietnamese parents. His father’s name is Luat Quange Le who is an Asian American and his mother’s name is Quang Ly that hailed from Chinese.

The motive behind Bryan Le’s success is his older brother that do support him in his career pursue who also happens to be his role model.

Family / Sister / Brother

This YouTuber has kept his personal life away from youtube. Therefore THere is ni information about his parents father and Mother. in Few videos his little sister taken part. He also has little brother. We hope in upcoming videos he talks more about his parents.

Girlfriend / Wife

Bryan Le is in a relationship with Abby Rao. He is not married yet as he is just focusing on his career.


RiceGum estimated net worth as of 2019 is $8M.

Height / Weight / Age

Born in 1996 he is 23 years of age. He is approx 6 ft 2 inch tall. His Weight approx 65kg.


He started his career as a game streamer but his brother gave him the motivation to push harder. Bryan Le is a Gucci model and he has also advertised for the popular brand Monster. He advertised for Monster headphones where he plays a man on a Subway.

This awesome idea was inspired by Iggy Azalea to fashion a new headset from scratch. Bryan Le currently lives in California. Before he got the fame, he opened social media accounts (YouTube and Twitter precisely) in 2012.

He posted his first video titled “Call of Duty “M 3 Gameplay life story and people start to know him there, but today he has earned up to 10million subscribers on the channel.

Billboard has recognized Bryan Le as the YouTube celeb for his outstanding videos being posted and made him the 400th most subscribed channel in the world.

Bryan Le has also been featured in the video Earthquake by YouTube star and rapper KSI in 2017 which went viral and has people viewing it more than 39million times.



Being YouTuber controversies is part of his career. He is popular for making diss tracks, therefore he was involved in a battle with many YouTubers. Ricegum has controversies with celebrities like  James Rallison, Gabbie Hanna, and Danielle Bregoli.

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Youtube Videos:


Annie LeBlanc Height, Weight, Merch, Real Name, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, Family

Annie LeBlanc Wiki, Height, Merch, Real Name

Annie LeBlanc is an American musician, Youtuber, actress, songwriter as well as a TikToker. She was born to the parents whose names are Katie LeBlanc and Billy LeBlanc. Read about his wiki, Boyfriend, career, family and many other information below.

Annie LeBlanc Wiki / Bio

Annie LeBlanc is a young girl that was born on the 5th of December, 2004 in the United States of America.

Her parents started by taking him to gymnastics classes when she was two years old. She was born to a family of three whereby apart from her, she has a younger sister and one older brother.

Her brother’s name is Caleb while the sister’s name is Hayley. At the age of three, her parents started helping her to post videos online containing gymnastic tutorials. Annie LeBlanc’s real name is Julianna Grace.

She has appeared on the family blog Youtube channels Bratayley and got her fame in 2017 through the name presshandstands7 that has millions of followers but she later changed it.

Annie Leblanc Merch

Many people are searching for custom merchandise of Annie LeBlanc. You can get Annie Leblanc merch on youtube.


LeBlanc was known by her gymnastics tutorials in which she do upload on the youtube channel. Unlike her early age where her family does upload on her behalf. But as of 2008, she started uploading by herself with the name Acroanna but later changed to Annie LeBlanc in 2007.

LeBlanc is one of the stars on the Brat series, ‘Chicken Gills’ and ‘we are savvy’. Annie is also a TikToker who started gaining audience from her music uploads on TikTok named @annieleblanc. As of early 2018, she won the Award as the Muser of the year and early this year, she won the Choice Music Web Star.

Some of her music include ordinary girl(which was her first single), Birds of a feather, little do you know, two sides, photographs and many more. This single has made her to top the country music chart and Billboard chart.

She has up to 8million followers on Instagram and when she upload on youtube, she does have more than 3million streams.

Real Name

On Her Instagram account is Annie Grace, therefore people are confused that, what is real name of Annie Blanc. But from her Wikipedia it is clear that, her full name is Annie Billy LeBlanc.

Family / Mother / Father

Her father name is Billy LeBlanc and Mother name is Katie LeBlanc. Annie’s father and mother started posting her gymnastic videos on youtube when she was 3 years old. These videos posted on her channel Acroanna. and Also she appeared on her family vlog, on Channel Bratayley. Her brother Caleb and sister Hayley was also part of family vlog. Her brother died at the age of 13 due to heart disease. She renamed channel acroanna to annie LeBlanc and then started posting song videos by her.

Annie Leblanc Height, Weight, Age

She is 5 ft 2 inch tall and her weight is 40kg. Born in 2004 she is 15 years of age now.

Annie Leblanc in Bikini


Annie LeBlanc boyfriend’s name is Asher Angel. her She frequently posts pics with her boyfriend on Instagram.

Annie LeBlanc with Boyfriend Asher Angel

Net Worth

LeBlanc’s net worth is estimated to be $500K(Approx) as of 2019.

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Sydney Bergerson

Sydney Bergerson – Height, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth, Education

Sydney Bergerson 

Sydney Bergerson is known to be a YouTube star. She became famous for the appearance she made in a popular T.V series called Fine Brother Entertainment series like Kids React. For more information read Sydney Bergerson Height, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth, Education.

Real NameSydney Bergerson
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx)4 ft 2 Inch
Weight (approx) –
Body Measurements (approx) –
Eye color Brown
Hair ColorBlack Brown
Personal Life
Date of Birth4th October 2007
Age ( as in 2019)12 Years
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignLibra
HometownUnited States
School –
College –
Educational QualificationSchool
CareerYoutube Videos
Brother- Elliot
ReligionNot Known
HobbiesMaking Videos
Favorite –
Dating / Spouse
Marital StatusUnmarried
Money Factor
Salary –
Net Worth$100k

Sydney Bergerson Wikipedia/Biography

Sydney Bergerson is a YouTuber and was born in the early 2000s, in generation Z age. She has a Brother named Eliott. She initially started to show up on the Fine Brothers direct show channels in 2014.

In November 2014, she showed up in the viral video “KIDS versus FOOD #5 – PIZZA TOPPINGS” which earned upwards of 9 million perspectives and viewers and thereafter She has shown up in a few Kids React recordings close by Kacey Fifield.

Family/ Parents / Mother / Father

There is not much information available about her family background. She is just 12 years old. She has an older brother who’s name is Elliot.


His early high school education is not seen and the information around is wrong information about him. Once the real information is with us, we’d definitely update you.

Sydney Bergerson Age / Height

She is born on 4th October 2007. Sydney Bergerson’s age is 12 years in 2019. He’s physically ok and straight but his height and weight are unknown once there is adequate information, we would update you as soon as possible. Sydney Bergerson Height is Approx 4 Feet 2 inches.

Net Worth

As of 2019, Sydney Bergerson’s overall network estimation is sum up to be around $100K – $500K.

Zodiac Sign

She has Libra as a birth sign. Libra is the seventh visionary sign in the Zodiac. It traverses 180°–210° heavenly longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun travels this territory all things considered between (northern fall equinox) September 23 and October 23.

Under the sidereal zodiac, the sun as of now travels the star grouping of Libra from around October 31 to November 22. People born in this month are always caring, good and do have a loving personality.

So this is all the information about Sydney Bergerson – Height, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth, Education.

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Instagram Photos

Sydney Bergerson




Youtube Videos: