Vivek Oberoi’s Balakot Air Strike Movie Cast, Release Date

Balakot air strike movie cast release date

The top trend of today is when Vivek Oberoi was trending on Twitter as he announced to make a movie on Balakot Air Strike. So here are details of Balakot Air Strike movie cast, release date

Balakot Air Strike Movie is announced by Vivek Oberoi. Release Date of Balakot Air Strike is predicted to be in 2020. Balakot Air Strike Movie Cast – Lead role by Vivek Oberoi. Other Supportive Cast will be declared soon.

Balakot attack was done by the Indian Air Force in 2019.

This attack was done by IAF in a very strategic and well-planned manner. This film will represent all events happened during Balakot Air Strike and all scenes behind this attack.

The reason for Balakot attack from IAF what’s Pulwama attack from Pakistan which resulted in 47 jawans were killed.

Balakot Air Strike Movie Release Date

Pulwama attack was a very sad thing for India, therefore, the Indian government decided to give a strong answer to Pakistan in same language.

Now talking about Balakot Air Strike Cast and Release Date this movie is going to be produced by Vivek Oberoi and he tweeted that he also going to play the role of commander Abhinanda.

There is no news yet about balakot air strike movie release date and cast because it is just announced by Vivek Oberoi on 23rd August 2019.

Balakot Air Strike Movie Cast

After Tweet from Vivek Oberoi it is clear that is going to make Balakot air strike movie very soon he was also told by the audience as mentioned there that he is going to play Wing Commander Abhinandan role in Balakot Air Strike. many people on Twitter said that is not suitable for the role and Akshay Kumar should do that role and Vivek Oberoi should only producer task.

But from Vivek Oberoi tweet we can consider that the Balakot air strike movie cast will consist of Vivek Oberoi as a lead roll in the movie.

Balakot air strike movie release date may be between 2020 so people need to wait I want to see this movie.

Balakot air strike movie e wheel also unfolds the story of commander Abhinandan like how hi joined Indian Air Force and what sacrifices made.

After making a movie on Narendra Modi and playing the role of Narendra Modi now Vivek Oberoi is ready to play the role of Wing Commander Abhinandan.

Cast of Balakot Air Strike movie is not decided yet because it is announced only 1 day ago and we will give you further updates about Balakot air strike movie cast and release date dot but for now we have only this much information about the movie heroine and director of movies are not yet decided.

After URI movie this is the second movie about India attack on Pakistan you are a super hit and was praised by critics we all wish same for Balakot Air Strike movie also and we always best luck for Vivek Oberoi to make this movie successful.

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